bolton, jeanne 2020.jpg

Jeanne Bolton, Chair

uible, john 2020.jpg

John Uible, Vice-Chair

Central Committee

The Central Committee is an elected body consisting of people who have volunteered to represent the Republican Party in their precincts.  The Central Committee appoints an Executive Committee that is the organizing and active part of the Party with a chairman who is the County Republican Chairman.  Central Committee members assist in Party activities in their home area and, when needed, appoint replacements to fill vacancies in county and municipal offices.  Members are encouraged to help with campaigns, including sign locations, and in identifying potential candidates for elected office.

salvage, richard 2020.jpg

Richard Salvage, Central Committee Chair

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee manages and directs the general affairs and policies of the Republican Party in Licking County. The Committee directs and conducts campaign activities, promotes the best interest of the Party, and recommends to the Secretary of State of Ohio appointments of persons to the Board of Elections of Licking County. The Executive Committee acts as required by law or delegated to it by the Licking County Republican Central Committee.  The Committee meets the last Wednesday of the month to conduct business. To learn more you may call 740.345.0500